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Thank you for visiting our web site! You'll find our prices for Magic: The Gathering and news and announcements for our events. Stop by the store at 330 Main Street and check out our selection of Board Games, like Settlers of Catan, or Dominion, or Miniature Games, like Flames of War, Heroclix, and Star Wars Armada. Of course, we specialize in Magic: The Gathering, so check out our amazing singles selection or one of our many events! Thanks for stopping by!

International TableTop Day 24hr Gaming!

We will be celebrating the International TableTop Day on Saturday, April 28th! We will open our doors at 10am and have games space available until 10am on Sunday, April 29th!  Come in and try out any of the games we have available for demo, or bring in your own to play! Stay tuned for more details.

Dominaria Preorders!

We will start taking preorders for the Dominaria set starting March 21st! Dominaria comes out on April 27th! The first 40 boxes pre-ordered will receive a promo card Firesong and Sunspeaker, which is not available in booster packs! Also the first 40 boxes will be available to be picked up during the Pre-Release Weekend, a full week early! Please contact us if you have any questions. Pricing is as follows:
March 21st - April 8th: $89.95 Plus Tax
April 9th - April 15th $94.95 Plus Tax
April 16th - April 22nd $99.95 Plus Tax


Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Atlanta 2018

On Saturday, May 19th, we will be holding a Pre PTQ for Atlanta in 2018 The entry fee will be $25 for a Standard format tournament. The winner will receive an entry into the Regional PTQ in 2018. Preregistration will start on May 7th. Tournament will start at Noon. We are capping attendance at 32 players. Additional prizes will be awarded based on attendance.

Dominaria Pre-Release!

We will be running tourneys for the Dominaria Pre-Release! Each player will receive a Pre-Release box with 6 packs of Dominaria with which to build their deck. The entry fee will be $25($50 for THG) Feel free to stop by or call if you have any questions. Tournament (registration) times will be as follows:
Friday, April 20th - 11:45pm (Sealed) (One entry will win a gift certificate for a playmat from Custom Playmats by Tom Gartin
Saturday, April 21st - 11:00am (Sealed)
​Saturday, April 21st - 3pm (Sealed)
Saturday, April 21st - 7pm (Sealed)
Sunday, April 22nd - Noon (Sealed)
Sunday, April 22nd - 3pm (Two-Headed Giant Sealed)

Board Game Night!

Every Wednesday is Board Game Night! Board Game Nights will start at 5:30pm and run till Midnight. So come on in and play some of you favorites or try something new! Also, check us out on Facebook. Ames Board Game Club

Dominaria Sealed League!

It's league time again! Starting April 30th, league play for Dominaria will begin. Each player starts with 6 packs of Dominaria to build a deck. By playing against other players in the league, players will be able to buy additional packs for their deck as the league season progresses. Prizes will be awarded to the players with the highest winning percentages. Registration is $25, and you can sign up at any time during the league, which will run until July 06th. Feel free to stop by or call for any questions.

Friday Night Magic!

Every Friday we have a Friday Night Magic Tournament! The FNM FOIL for the months of March and April is your choice of double sided foil token. Registration at 6pm, start at 6:30. . . . . . . . . . The format for FNM this Quarter:
March 02nd: Booster draft ($15 Registration)
March 09th: Standard (Free Registration)
March 16th:  Modern (Free Registration)
March 23rd: Booster draft ($15 Registration)
March 30th: Standard (Free Registration)
April 06th: Booster draft ($15 Registration)
April 13th: Standard (Free Registration)
April 20th: Modern (Free Registration)
April 27th: Dominaria Release Booster Draft ($15 Registration)
If there is enough interested players, we will hold a second FNM event (Draft) each friday after the first tourney ends, giving everyone two chances a week at prizes and the promos! 

Weekly Schedule

Here is our weekly schedule with updated hours:
Monday 10am-8pm - Open Tables
Tuesday 10am-8pm - Miniatures Day - All Day!  Flames of War Night
Wednesday 10am-8pm* - Open Tables, Sealed League Night, Board Game Night
Thursday 10am-8pm - Open Tables
Friday 10am-8pm* - Friday Night Magic: Standard, Booster Draft, Modern, or Commander  at 6:30pm
Saturday 10am-8pm* - Heroclix, Large Event Day: See the above news items for upcoming events
Sunday 12pm-6pm (Holiday hours) -  Open tables: Come on in and see whats going on!
*We will stay open until the event ends