Card name Color Price Raritysort ascending Set Wantlist
Unctus's Retrofitter Blue $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Time Lord Regeneration Blue $0.35 Uncommon WHO No
Watchful Blisterzoa Blue $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Ambulatory Edifice Black $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Time Beetle Blue $0.35 Uncommon WHO No
Lord Skitter's Butcher Black $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Bilious Skulldweller Black $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Peregrin Took Green $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Quickbeam, Upstart Ent Green $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Chittering Skitterling Black $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Surge of Brilliance Blue $0.35 Uncommon WHO No
Start the TARDIS Blue $0.75 Uncommon WHO No
The Grey Havens Land $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Drown in Ichor Black $0.50 Uncommon ONE No
Star Whale Blue $0.35 Uncommon WHO No
Feed the Infection Black $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Mauhur, Uruk-hai Captain Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Hexgold Halberd Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Shadowfax, Lord of Horses Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Shadow Summoning Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Magmatic Sprinter Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Path to Exile White $1.50 Uncommon WHO No
Nahiri's Sacrifice Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Oxidda Finisher Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Rebel Salvo Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Arwen Undomiel Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Resistance Skywarden Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Rise of the Witch-King Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Ringsight Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Prince Imrahil the Fair Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Return to Dust White $0.35 Uncommon WHO No
Urabrask's Anointer Red $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Old Man Willow Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
The Mouth of Sauron Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Sylvok Battle-Chair Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Swords to Plowshares White $1.50 Uncommon WHO No
Noxious Assault Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Paladin of Predation Green $0.75 Uncommon ONE No
Infectious Bite Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Incubation Sac Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Friendly Rivalry Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Frodo Baggins Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Expand the Sphere Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Evolving Adaptive Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Cankerbloom Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Bilbo, Retired Burglar Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Armored Scrapgorger Green $0.35 Uncommon ONE No
Legolas, Counter of Kills Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Butterbur, Bree Innkeeper Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Denethor, Ruling Steward Gold $0.35 Uncommon LTR No