Card name Color Price Raritysort ascending Set Wantlist
Season of Growth Green $0.35 Uncommon WOT No
Squirrel Nest Green $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Erkenbrand, Lord of Westfold Red $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Galvanic Giant Blue $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Efficient Construction Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Displaced Dinosaurs Green $10.00 Uncommon WHO No
Eomer of the Riddermark Red $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Gadwick's First Duel Blue $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Nature's Lore Green $1.75 Uncommon DMR No
Fact or Fiction Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Book of Mazarbul Red $0.35 Uncommon LTR No
Invigorating Boon Green $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Ghost of Ramirez DePietro Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Gamekeeper Green $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Disdainful Stroke Blue $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Inga Rune-Eyes Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Kaho, Minamo Historian Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Chancellor of Tales Blue $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Elvish Spirit Guide Green $1.25 Uncommon DMR No
Ground Seal Green $0.35 Uncommon WOT No
Deadwood Treefolk Green $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Crop Rotation Green $1.00 Uncommon DMR No
Call of the Herd Green $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Loyal Drake Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Murder of Crows Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Bitter Chill Blue $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Thryx, the Sudden Storm Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Cabal Patriarch Black $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Bastion of Remembrance Black $1.25 Uncommon CMM No
Great Intelligence's Plan Gold $0.50 Uncommon WHO No
Elspeth's Smite White $0.35 Uncommon MOM No
Zombie Infestation Black $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Monstrous Rage Red $0.60 Uncommon WOE No
Whirler Rogue Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Deadapult Red $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Dragon Whelp Red $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Raid Bombardment Red $0.35 Uncommon WOT No
Korvold and the Noble Thief Red $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Fireblast Red $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Flametongue Kavu Red $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Tromokratis Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Gempalm Incinerator Red $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Nazgul Black $10.00 Uncommon LTR Yes
Portal Mage Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No
Hearth Elemental Red $0.35 Uncommon WOE No
Thijarian Witness Green $0.35 Uncommon WHO No
Reality Shift Blue $0.75 Uncommon CMM No
Storm Entity Red $0.35 Uncommon DMR No
Padeem, Consul of Innovation Blue $0.50 Uncommon CMM No