Card name Colorsort descending Price Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Resplendent Mentor White $1.00 Uncommon Shadowmoor No
Crush Contraband White $0.35 Uncommon Guilds of Ravnica No
Indestructible Aura White $0.30 Common Legends No
Banishing Stroke White $0.35 Uncommon Avacyn Restored No
Fortify White $0.15 Common Modern Masters 2015 No
Trapped in the Tower White $0.15 Common Throne of Eldraine No
Valorous Stance White $0.40 Uncommon Fate Reforged No
Wild Griffin White $0.15 Common Tenth Edition No
Angelic Chorus White $0.75 Rare or Mythic Battlebond No
Kabira Evangel White $1.00 Rare or Mythic Zendikar No
Return to Dust White $2.00 Uncommon Commander 2017 No
Gate Hound White $0.15 Common Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Disciple of Law White $0.15 Common Urza's Saga No
Divine Favor White $0.15 Common Magic 2012 No
Marked by Honor White $0.15 Common Magic 2015 No
Luminous Wake White $0.35 Uncommon Rise of the Eldrazi No
Clergy en-Vec White $0.15 Common Tempest No
Wellgabber Apothecary White $0.15 Common Lorwyn No
Icatian Skirmishers White $1.00 Rare or Mythic Fallen Empires No
Celestial Purge White $0.35 Uncommon Magic 2010 No
Squadron Hawk White $0.25 Common Masters 25 No
Akroma's Vengeance White $1.00 Rare or Mythic Onslaught No
Cenn's Enlistment White $0.25 Common Eventide No
Tallowisp White $1.50 Uncommon Betrayers of Kamigawa No
Kor Entanglers White $0.35 Uncommon Battle for Zendikar No
Voice of All White $0.40 Uncommon Planeshift No
Squad Captain White $0.15 Common Core Set 2020 No
Seeker of the Way White $0.35 Uncommon Khans of Tarkir No
Sunseed Nurturer White $0.35 Uncommon Shards of Alara No
Slith Ascendant White $0.35 Uncommon Mirrodin No
Heaven's Gate White $2.00 Uncommon Legends No
Enduring Renewal White $2.00 Rare or Mythic Ice Age No
Seraph of the Sword White $0.60 Rare or Mythic Magic 2014 No
Silverchase Fox White $0.15 Common Conspiracy No
Orator of Ojutai White $0.35 Uncommon Dragons of Tarkir No
Ghostblade Eidolon White $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2015 No
Presence of the Wise White $0.35 Uncommon Saviors of Kamigawa No
Wave of Reckoning White $4.00 Rare or Mythic Mercadian Masques No
Lyev Decree White $0.15 Common Dragon's Maze No
Felidar Sovereign White $0.60 Rare or Mythic Battle for Zendikar No
Aven Riftwatcher White $0.15 Common Eternal Masters 2016 No
Triumph of Gerrard White $0.35 Uncommon Dominaria No
Declaration in Stone White $0.60 Rare Shadows Over Innistrad No
Whitemane Lion White $0.15 Common Planar Chaos No
Goring Ceratops White $0.50 Rare Ixalan No
Vigil for the Lost White $0.35 Uncommon Scars of Mirrodin No
Cliffside Rescuer White $0.50 Uncommon Commander 2019 No
Ardent Soldier White $0.15 Common Invasion No
Midnight Haunting White $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2014 No
Faith's Fetters White $0.35 Uncommon Eternal Masters 2016 No