Card name Color Pricesort descending Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Dirty Rat Black $0.25 Common Unstable No
Bonds of Faith White $0.25 Common Innistrad No
Henchfiend of Ukor Red $0.25 Common Future Sight No
Captured Sunlight Gold $0.25 Common Alara Reborn No
Reckless Charge Red $0.25 Common Eternal Masters 2016 No
Quag Sickness Black $0.25 Common Magic 2011 No
Magmatic Chasm Red $0.25 Common Dragons of Tarkir No
Night Market Aeronaut Black $0.25 Common Aether Revolt No
Soul Salvage Black $0.25 Common Dominaria No
Inspired Charge White $0.25 Common Core Set 2020 No
Griptide Blue $0.25 Common Dark Ascension No
Giant Crab Blue $0.25 Common Tempest No
Siren's Ruse Blue $0.25 Common Ixalan No
Goblin Assault Team Red $0.25 Common War of the Spark No
Siege Mastodon White $0.25 Common Magic 2012 No
Phyresis Black $0.25 Common Mirrodin Besieged No
Fend Off White $0.25 Common Urza's Destiny No
Elvish Visionary Green $0.25 Common Magic 2013 No
Gnarled Mass Green $0.25 Common Betrayers of Kamigawa No
Spirit Hybrid $0.25 Token Gatecrash No
Raise the Alarm White $0.25 Common Conspiracy 2 - Take the Crown No
Whirlwind Adept Blue $0.25 Common Khans of Tarkir No
Divine Verdict White $0.25 Common Magic 2013 No
Anointer Priest White $0.25 Common Amonkhet No
Squadron Hawk White $0.25 Common Magic 2011 No
Quag Vampires Black $0.25 Common Conspiracy No
Palace Familiar Blue $0.25 Common Dragons of Tarkir No
Countless Gears Renegade White $0.25 Common Aether Revolt No
Dementia Bat Black $0.25 Common New Phyrexia No
Howling Fury Black $0.25 Common Portal No
Disciple of Grace White $0.25 Common Onslaught No
Knight of New Benalia White $0.25 Common Dominaria No
Tranquility Green $0.25 Common Mercadian Masques No
Vicious Hunger Black $0.25 Common Nemesis No
Scuzzback Marauders Hybrid $0.25 Common Shadowmoor No
Nissa's Chosen Green $0.25 Common Zendikar No
Maze Behemoth Green $0.25 Common Dragon's Maze No
Revoke Existence White $0.25 Common Born of the Gods No
Giant Caterpillar Green $0.25 Common Visions No
Blow Your House Down Red $0.25 Common Throne of Eldraine No
Oona's Grace Blue $0.25 Common Eventide No
Sedge Scorpion Green $0.25 Common Theros No
Transmutation Black $0.25 Common Legends No
Seal of Primordium Green $0.25 Common Modern Masters 2017 No
Dark Remedy Black $0.25 Common Core Set 2020 No
Kiln Fiend Red $0.25 Common Iconic Masters No
Phyrexian Battleflies Black $0.25 Common Invasion No
Vigorous Charge Green $0.25 Common Invasion No
Skirk Marauder Red $0.25 Common Legions No
Wild Dogs Green $0.25 Common Urza's Saga No