Card name Color Pricesort descending Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Runner's Bane Blue $0.25 Common Dragon's Maze No
Vessel of Volatility Red $0.25 Common Shadows Over Innistrad No
Scythe Tiger Green $0.25 Common Zendikar No
Craven Giant Red $0.25 Common Stronghold No
Minotaur Sureshot Red $0.25 Common Jumpstart No
Divine Offering White $0.25 Common Mirage No
Network Terminal Artifact $0.25 Common Kamigawa Neon Dynasty No
Traumatic Visions Blue $0.25 Common Conspiracy 2 - Take the Crown No
Flight Spellbomb Artifact $0.25 Common Scars of Mirrodin No
Quakefoot Cyclops Red $0.25 Common Modern Horizons No
Swift Kick Red $0.25 Common Khans of Tarkir No
Virulent Swipe Black $0.25 Common Iconic Masters No
Blanchwood Treefolk Green $0.25 Common Urza's Saga No
Wistful Thinking Blue $0.25 Common Planar Chaos No
Goblin Legionnaire Gold $0.25 Common Apocalypse No
Return to the Earth Green $0.25 Common Fate Reforged No
Jungle Hollow Land $0.25 Common Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths No
Eldrazi Aggressor Red $0.25 Common Oath of the Gatewatch No
Wandering Wolf Green $0.25 Common Battlebond No
Radiant Fountain Land $0.25 Common Core Set 2021 No
Sphere of Purity White $0.25 Common Mirrodin No
Skulking Ghost Black $0.25 Common Eternal Masters 2016 No
Icatian Crier White $0.25 Common Ultimate Masters No
Guardian Lions White $0.25 Common Magic 2013 No
Wall of Runes Blue $0.25 Common War of the Spark No
Rupture Spire Land $0.25 Common Commander Legends No
Survivor of the Unseen Blue $0.25 Common Coldsnap No
Spur Grappler Red $0.25 Common Prophecy No
Omen of the Hunt Green $0.25 Common Theros Beyond Death No
Pilgrim of Virtue White $0.25 Common Odyssey No
Nested Shambler Black $0.25 Common Modern Horizons 2 No
Keldon Raider Red $0.25 Common Dominaria No
Mounted Dreadknight Red $0.25 Common Innistrad Midnight Hunt No
Blister Beetle Black $0.25 Common Shards of Alara No
Narnam Cobra Artifact $0.25 Common Kaladesh No
Haazda Officer White $0.25 Common Ravnica Allegiance No
Gorehorn Minotaurs Red $0.25 Common Magic 2012 No
Talons of Falkenrath Red $0.25 Common Dark Ascension No
Prismatic Lens Artifact $0.25 Common Time Spiral Remastered No
Orochi Sustainer Green $0.25 Common Champions of Kamigawa No
Unified Strike White $0.25 Common Onslaught No
Phyrexian Boon Black $0.25 Common Alliances No
Survivors' Bond Green $0.25 Common Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths No
Mortis Dogs Black $0.25 Common New Phyrexia No
Contact Other Plane Blue $0.25 Common Adventures in the Forgotten Realms No
Dross Crocodile Black $0.25 Common Fifth Dawn No
Cyclops Tyrant Red $0.25 Common Magic 2014 No
Regicide Black $0.25 Common Conspiracy 2 - Take the Crown No
Somnomancer Hybrid $0.25 Common Shadowmoor No
Kill-Suit Cultist Red $0.25 Common Dissension No