Card name Color Pricesort descending Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Ghoulcaller's Accomplice Black $0.25 Common Ultimate Masters No
Keldon Marauders Red $0.25 Common Planar Chaos No
Volcanic Strength Red $0.25 Common Magic 2013 No
Boggart Sprite-Chaser Red $0.25 Common Lorwyn No
Poisonbelly Ogre Black $0.25 Common Guildpact No
Uncaged Fury Red $0.25 Common Shadows Over Innistrad No
Man-o'-War Blue $0.25 Common Modern Horizons No
Rimewind Taskmage Blue $0.25 Common Coldsnap No
Huatli's Snubhorn White $0.25 Common Ixalan No
Barren Moor Land $0.25 Common Commander 2018 No
Spiritual Visit White $0.25 Common Saviors of Kamigawa No
Necrobite Black $0.25 Common Avacyn Restored No
Segmented Krotiq Green $0.25 Common Dragons of Tarkir No
Harvester Druid Green $0.25 Common Judgment No
Scourge of the Nobilis Hybrid $0.25 Common Eventide No
Hopeful Eidolon White $0.25 Common Theros No
Ghostly Wings Blue $0.25 Common Torment No
Cranial Plating Artifact $0.25 Common Fifth Dawn No
Obelisk of Naya Artifact $0.25 Common Shards of Alara No
Ixidor's Will Blue $0.25 Common Onslaught No
Makindi Sliderunner Red $0.25 Common Battle for Zendikar No
Spontaneous Mutation Blue $0.25 Common Eldritch Moon No
Daggersail Aeronaut Red $0.25 Common Core Set 2020 No
Deconstruct Green $0.25 Common Mirrodin No
Sea's Claim Blue $0.25 Common Onslaught No
Talas Explorer Blue $0.25 Common Portal: Second Age No
Migratory Greathorn Green $0.25 Common Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths No
Apex Hawks White $0.25 Common Worldwake No
Battering Ram Artifact $0.25 Common Antiquities No
Invigorate Green $0.25 Common Mercadian Masques No
Dead Weight Black $0.25 Common Shadows Over Innistrad No
Worldly Counsel Blue $0.25 Common Invasion No
Evil Presence Black $0.25 Common New Phyrexia No
Consult the Necrosages Gold $0.25 Common Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Ixalli's Diviner Green $0.25 Common Ixalan No
Hero of the Pride White $0.25 Common Theros Beyond Death No
Choking Tethers Blue $0.25 Common Masters 25 No
Chasm Drake Blue $0.25 Common Magic 2012 No
Pacifism White $0.25 Common Tenth Edition No
Latulla's Orders Red $0.25 Common Prophecy No
Emerald Charm Green $0.25 Common Visions No
Leap of Faith White $0.25 Common Avacyn Restored No
Silumgar Butcher Black $0.25 Common Dragons of Tarkir No
Izzet Guildgate Land $0.25 Common Commander 2015 No
Seismic Shudder Red $0.25 Common Zendikar No
Morale White $0.25 Common The Dark No
Loxodon Mystic White $0.25 Common Darksteel No
Catalyst Elemental Red $0.25 Common Core Set 2019 No
Undercity's Embrace Black $0.25 Common Ravnica Allegiance No
Deadly Recluse Green $0.25 Common Magic 2014 No