Card name Colorsort descending Price Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Island Land $0.05 Basic Shards of Alara No
Snow-Covered Mountain (283) Land $1.25 Common Kaldheim No
Forgotten Cave Land $0.25 Common Onslaught No
Opulent Palace Land $0.75 Uncommon Commander 2017 No
Swamp Land $0.15 Basic New Phyrexia No
Urza's Power Plant Land $1.25 Common Double Masters Yes
Dragonskull Summit Land $5.00 Rare or Mythic Magic 2013 No
Boros Guildgate Land $0.25 Common Commander 2013 No
Boros Garrison Land $0.35 Uncommon Modern Masters 2015 No
Rupture Spire Land $0.25 Common Jumpstart No
Cabal Coffers Land $22.00 Rare or Mythic Modern Horizons 2 No
Opulent Palace Land $0.75 Uncommon Khans of Tarkir No
Mage-Ring Network Land $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2021 No
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale Land $4 400.00 Rare or Mythic Legends Yes
Forest Land $0.05 Basic Avacyn Restored No
Temple of Mystery Land $1.00 Rare or Mythic Core Set 2020 No
Tainted Peak Land $2.25 Uncommon Torment No
Strip Mine (Uneven Terraces) Land $65.00 Uncommon Antiquities Yes
Tranquil Cove Land $0.25 Common Fate Reforged No
Salt Flats Land $1.75 Rare or Mythic Tempest No
Haven of the Spirit Dragon Land $4.00 Rare Dragons of Tarkir No
Gruul Turf Land $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2020 No
Inkmoth Nexus Land $37.00 Rare or Mythic Mirrodin Besieged Yes
Rakdos Carnarium Land $0.25 Common Commander No
Ebon Stronghold Land $0.35 Uncommon Fallen Empires No
Submerged Boneyard Land $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2018 No
Volrath's Stronghold Land $110.00 Rare or Mythic Stronghold No
Sacred Foundry Land $26.00 Rare or Mythic Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Blightstep Pathway Land $9.50 Rare or Mythic Kaldheim Yes