Card name Colorsort descending Price Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Sunmane Pegasus White $0.25 Common Theros Beyond Death No
Seller of Songbirds White $0.25 Common Return to Ravnica No
Paladin en-Vec White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Exodus No
Serra Angel White $0.35 Uncommon Magic 2012 No
Alms Collector White $17.00 Rare or Mythic Commander 2017 No
Keensight Mentor White $0.35 Uncommon Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths No
Village Bell-Ringer White $0.25 Common Innistrad No
Angelic Edict White $0.25 Common Gatecrash No
Territorial Hammerskull White $0.25 Common Ixalan No
Thermal Glider White $0.25 Common Mercadian Masques No
Aven Archer White $0.35 Uncommon Odyssey No
Falconer Adept White $0.35 Uncommon Core Set 2021 No
Droning Bureaucrats White $0.35 Uncommon Guildpact No
Celestial Archon White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Commander 2018 No
Icatian Scout White $0.25 Common Fallen Empires No
Cavalry Pegasus White $0.25 Common Theros No
Hero of Iroas White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Born of the Gods No
Riftmarked Knight White $0.35 Uncommon Time Spiral Remastered No
Crowd Favorites White $0.35 Uncommon Onslaught No
Verge Rangers White $1.00 Rare or Mythic Commander 2020 No
Soul Snare White $0.35 Uncommon Commander No
Spirit Mirror White $2.00 Rare or Mythic Tempest No
Mighty Leap White $0.25 Common Oath of the Gatewatch No
Wall of Reverence White $1.50 Rare or Mythic Ultimate Masters Yes
Survival Cache White $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2013 No
Choking Restraints White $0.25 Common Eldritch Moon No
Gods' Hall Guardian White $0.25 Common Kaldheim No
Innocence Kami White $0.35 Uncommon Champions of Kamigawa No
Angelic Wall White $0.25 Common Avacyn Restored No
Unbreakable Formation White $1.75 Rare or Mythic Ravnica Allegiance No
Whitesun's Passage White $0.25 Common Scars of Mirrodin No
Seraphic Greatsword White $1.25 Rare or Mythic Commander Legends No
Pressure Point White $0.25 Common Kaladesh No
Blazing Archon White $3.50 Rare or Mythic Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Intangible Virtue White $0.35 Uncommon Innistrad No
Spirit en-Dal White $0.50 Uncommon Future Sight No
Grateful Apparition White $0.35 Uncommon War of the Spark No
Elspeth Tirel White $12.00 Rare or Mythic Scars of Mirrodin Yes
Skybind White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Journey into Nyx No
Samite Sanctuary White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Prophecy No
Fortunate Few White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Commander 2017 No
Samite Ministration White $0.35 Uncommon Invasion No
Dismantling Blow White $0.35 Uncommon Modern Horizons No
Wojek Apothecary White $0.35 Uncommon Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Call to Glory White $0.25 Common Champions of Kamigawa No
Blue Scarab White $0.35 Uncommon Ice Age No
Charmed Griffin White $0.35 Uncommon Mercadian Masques No
Luminesce White $0.35 Uncommon Coldsnap No
Pay No Heed White $0.25 Common Torment No
Condemn White $0.35 Uncommon Tenth Edition No