Card name Colorsort descending Price Rarity Set Name Wantlist
Increasing Devotion White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Dark Ascension No
Leonin Iconoclast White $0.35 Uncommon Journey into Nyx No
Citizen's Arrest White $0.25 Common Dominaria United No
Soul Snare White $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2021 No
Forfend White $0.25 Common Morningtide No
Leonin Vanguard White $0.35 Uncommon Core Set 2019 No
Celestial Ancient White $0.75 Rare or Mythic Dissension No
Chant of Vitu-Ghazi White $0.35 Uncommon Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Leonin Arbiter White $1.00 Rare or Mythic Double Masters 2022 No
Rune of Protection: Lands White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Urza's Saga No
Riftmarked Knight White $0.35 Uncommon Planar Chaos No
Lifeblood White $70.00 Rare or Mythic Legends No
War Elephant (dark) White $11.00 Common Arabian Nights No
Savior of Ollenbock White $0.75 Rare or Mythic Innistrad Crimson Vow No
Arctic Foxes White $0.25 Common Ice Age No
Elspeth, Knight-Errant White $11.00 Rare or Mythic Shards of Alara Yes
Aeronaut Admiral White $0.35 Uncommon Aether Revolt No
Hikari, Twilight Guardian White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Champions of Kamigawa No
Archangel of Thune White $35.00 Rare or Mythic Iconic Masters No
Pacifism White $0.25 Common Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths No
Due Respect White $0.35 Uncommon New Phyrexia No
Enlightened Tutor White $48.00 Uncommon Mirage Yes
Banishing Slash White $0.35 Uncommon Kamigawa Neon Dynasty No
Dusk // Dawn White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Commander 2022 No
Harsh Justice White $8.50 Rare or Mythic Portal No
Strength of Isolation White $0.35 Uncommon Torment No
Resilient Wanderer White $0.35 Uncommon Odyssey No
Ghost Warden White $0.25 Common Tenth Edition No
Light of Promise White $0.50 Uncommon Core Set 2021 No
Return to Dust White $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2018 No
Elspeth, Sun's Champion White $13.00 Rare or Mythic Theros Yes
Plea for Guidance White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Born of the Gods No
Stonecloaker White $0.35 Uncommon Time Spiral Remastered No
Alaborn Trooper White $0.25 Common Portal: Second Age No
Inspirit White $0.35 Uncommon Onslaught No
Circle of Protection: Artifact White $3.50 Uncommon Antiquities No
Banisher Priest White $0.35 Uncommon Commander 2020 No
Pallid Mycoderm White $0.25 Common Modern Masters No
Extricator of Sin White $0.35 Uncommon Eldritch Moon No
Teferi's Protection White $40.00 Rare or Mythic Commander 2017 No
Resplendent Marshal White $2.00 Rare or Mythic Kaldheim No
Samurai Enforcers White $0.35 Uncommon Champions of Kamigawa No
Intangible Virtue White $0.50 Rare or Mythic Time Spiral Remastered Timeshifted No
Leap of Faith White $0.25 Common Avacyn Restored No
Victory's Herald White $0.50 Rare Commander 2015 No
Triumphant Reckoning White $0.75 Rare or Mythic Commander Legends No
Loxodon Gatekeeper White $2.75 Rare or Mythic Ravnica: City of Guilds No
Halvar, God of Battle White $8.50 Rare or Mythic Kaldheim Yes
Trusty Packbeast White $0.25 Common Commander Legends No
Three Dreams White $2.75 Rare or Mythic Ravnica: City of Guilds Yes